Manhattan Plaza Children's Clothing & Toy Exchange

Hell's Kitchen's only bi-annual children's clothing and toy tag sale celebrating 30 years of community spirit!

Volunteer Descriptions & Instructions

The Manhattan Plaza Children's Clothing & Toy Exchange is entirely volunteer run.  Remember we can't do it without you!


In order to inform the community of the sale date and details flyering is required in and around Manhattan Plaza. Several flyering volunteers are needed to do this, as well as to copy and distribute flyers to the surrounding schools. Access to free printing services is an asset for this position, as well as a good pair of tennis shoes. The bonus of these spots is that you don't need to work the day of the sale AND you don't necessarily need to make child care arrangements. To post flyers you can use push pins or tape (spiking tape has been recommended. The key is that you post flyers in visible areas and do not deface the area you are posting to in any way.  

If you are flyering in the neighborhood please attempt to speak to local businesses about putting up flyers on their walls, bulletin boards or on/in their windows.  Emphasize that you are not selling a product but simply providing a service to the members of the community and that our event benefits our neighbors in need and local charities as well.


Set-up volunteers are required to set up tables, do intake, put clothes and toys out and to organize all sections.  The set up slot is a longer period of time because it is a large and timely endeavor.

Set up shift: 9am - 12pm

Early set up shift: 8:30 - 11:00am

Early shopping by set up volunteers is strictly prohibited AND set up volunteers are so busy that it is not even possible.  The set-up position is a rigorous one, best suited for the fast and efficient.  Children are NOT allowed during setup-- small infants in snugglies or slings allowed only. If you do not have child care arrangements, then you must volunteer for another position. Please allow time to bring over your own stuff early or make arrangements for someone else to assist you. We have a very limited amount of time within to work and we need EVERY member of the set up crew THERE the entire time!


The cashier spots are two hours each. There are three cashier stations: two regular and one express. Cashiers are responsible for removing all labels from items,tallying the labels and calculating sales.  Cashiers are provided with adequate change and are periodically relieved  of larger bills.Cashiers are not required to accept any bills over $20. This position requires competency with money, ability to handle a calculator and patience. Items without stickers can be purchased for $5 small item, $15 large item or may be set aside to ascertain seller and purchased at the end of the sale if the seller has been identified. 

This job requires your full attention so you can not bring children except in carriers which is discouraged. Each cashier is supplied with a calculator with tape and a temporary resting board for labels. Labels should be removed from the item and placed on the temporary board until the buyer agrees on the total and has paid. Only after money has changed hands should the labels be entered into the seller�s book. Usually it will be the floater's job to take the temporary boards/sheets and put the labels in the books.

Please do not allow the purchaser to take labels off items-- we need to be accountable that ALL items are paid for! If you are having difficulty keeping up then a floater will be provided to assist you with removing labels.

NEW RULE: If it is difficult to discern whether a number is a 1 (one) or a 7 (seven) then please as in $1 or $7 dollars then charge the purchaser $1. If you can not decide whether it  looks like 15 cents or 75 cents then please charge 75 cents. We ask that sellers price their items in 25 cent increments.  This is the policy that is also followed when tallying sales and consistency is important to prevent discrepancies between income in and revenue out!

First Cashier shift:  12:45 - 2:45pm
Second Cashier shift: 2:30 - 4:30pm


This position is a relatively recent addition and is a flexible one.  As a floater you are responsible for being on hand to assist the Chairs and cashiers on an as needed basis.  Some things you may be asked to do are: transfer labels to the sale books, return items to their correct sections or re-organize some of the toys and clothes.  These spots are best suited for those with a can do friendly attitude who are quick to see where there is a need and jump to the ready. 

When doing the labeling please place labels in the seller�s book in an orderly manner. It is very difficult to add up the pages at the end of the sale when labels are all over the place. If pages are filling up, please make a new page, rather than finding creative places to squeeze labels into.

First Floater shift: 1pm - 3pm
Second Floater shift: 2:45 - 4:45

Clean-up/Break down

Pretty much self explanatory: organize and pack up the clothes for charity.

Must be willing and able to work quickly, lift and carry large bags and boxes. 

Clean-up shift: 4:30 - 6:30pm

Post Sale Charity pick-up

Must be available the Monday morning following the sale from 9:00am - 11:00am. Only one volunteer slot for this duty.

Money Pick-up

The money pick-up spots involve being available for a two hour time commitment on certain days allocated for pick up of sales revenue.  An attempt is made to provide a week day morning, evening and weekend option to sellers on the week following the sale.  As a money pick-up volunteer you must have a residence in Manhattan Plaza or nearby and be willing and able to grant access to sellers to pick up their money.  These volunteers are responsible for transferring the sales books and money box between Chair and/or other volunteers and keeping records of all money envelopes retrieved.  The bonus of this spot is that you do not need to arrange child care, can stay in your home and do other things and you do not have to work the day of the sale. 


The organizing of this event is very personalized.  While many great traditions and procedures have accumulated through the years from the talented individuals who have held these posts, those who have chosen to take on this responsibility inevitably make it their own and bring their own unique color to the event.  With today's ever changing technology this event and therefore, the position and it�s duties has morphed over the years and it�s volunteers have striven to make improvements in communication and efficiency. 

How many Chairs are involved and the characters and skills of those volunteers determines how responsibilities are divided.  Some of the responsibilities include: volunteer and seller communication and coordination, charity correspondence and arrangements, flyer design and distribution, scheduling, files and record maintenance, day of event supervision and direction, accounting of sales, money distribution and community liaison. Being a Chair is a two year commitment but some generous souls have served well above and beyond.  Past chairs continue to volunteer and contribute to making the sale a success.  Because of the so many routines already put in place by our past leaders the sale has been able to run more and more smoothly and, in the terrific Manhattan Plaza/Hell's Kitchen spirit someone is always there to lend a hand!  

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